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“Many who live with violence day in and day out assume that it is an intrinsic part of the human condition. But this is not so. Violence can be prevented. Violent cultures can be turned around.”

Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa

Help the women and children of South Africa stay safe.

There is a culture of intervention in South Africa but what has been difficult lately is that people would rather mind their own business. 
But you can be in someone’s business when you know the person is in trouble and that they want you in their business. 

The SOSS call is silent and only alerts protectors and armed response.

It is safe to use without alerting the perpetrator.

During an active incident, SOSS mobilises armed response companies, and SOSS users of the victims live location. This is in case the user changes locations due to the threat to them.

Download SOSS for free

The app is available for download on Google Play Store.

Sending out an alert

A long press on the home button or unlock button on your device. The emergency signals will be received as a push notification by both the protector and subscriber account along with a live location and the victim’s profile picture. The same emergency will be received by armed response companies within a 500 metres radius of the victim’s phone. Responders receive in-app notifications on who else has responded to the signal as well as the armed response companies.

Create a profile

All users are required to set up an account and have the option to customise their security profile. Subscriber: This is a free account Protector: This is a free account. The network of responders and protectors is made up of not only the user’s personalised list of emergency contacts, but it sends an SOS alert for help to nearby emergency response services and to community members who have signed up to be active allies and protectors.

Enjoy SOSS

Once the user profile is set up and active, they will be notified where they can go to assist or use the app to get assistance.



Meet the team
Thabo Nonkenge co-founder ceo soss

Thabo Nonkenge

Co-founder & CEO

sonwabo vena head of engineering soss

Sonwabo Vena

Head of Engineering

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gender-based violence abuse soss app
gender-based violence abuse soss app
Frequently Asked Questions

The app is downloadable on the Google Play Store. 

Yes, SOSS is completely free to download. 

A protector is someone who is part of the SOSS community once they have downloaded the
The protector option DOES NOT come with an alert or panic functionality.
The main functionality of the protector is to give the subscriber (future paid account) permission
to receive alert notifications if they are in danger.

SOSS signals are receivable to people as far as 500 metres away from the victim, this means in
most urban areas, one can receive assistance as quickly as 90 seconds*.

The emergency alert signal is received by every cell phone with SOSS within 500 metres, along
with private security companies at the same time. This means the victim is safe and there are
enough witnesses.

Protectors will need to announce their approach. They can call the victim who alerted SOSS, as
they will have been sent the victims details on the app.
The protector should also remain at a safe distance from the victim in order not to escalate the
situation or cause harm to themselves.

Yes, the app is available in all nine provinces of South Africa. 

In order for the app to know which protectors are around you, and to make sure you alert the
correct armed response that is within 500m of your location.

Yes, the SOSS app requires a positive balance of data, airtime credit or good wifi area to operate. 

Unfortunately, not. Your SOSS app has to be open and the alert button activated, in order for tracking to commence. 

Yes SOSS has a built in live-location function that allows protectors and armed response to find
you wherever you go.