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How to report a crime in South Africa

Community safety in South Africa has in recent years become increasingly topical as it is the barometer with which we can begin to understand the relationship with communities, private armed response and police.
Reporting rape, kidnapping and other associated crimes are in most cases difficult and in some, impossible, this isn’t due to a lack of competence by police or a lack of a desire to end the problem by communities. We believe this is largely due to a lack of simplified community coordination tools that are democratised enough to be useful to everyone, rich and poor, young and old.

How to report a crime

The African philosophy of ubuntu with women being at the centre of every African society puts us in conversation with femicide and the lack of ease found when dealing with the process of reporting and actioning steps to assist victims in South Africa.
SOSS allows subscribers to access a reliable network of ProTactors (Proactive Timeous Actors) of neighbours and friends with the SOSS app on their phone and armed response units in under 90 seconds.
This creates a safe community by disincentivising perpetrators while harnessing the power of social cohesion between authorities and communities.

What happens when you report a crime?

When you report a crime at your local police station, a police officer will assist you.

  • A police officer will take a statement from you
  • A police officer will open a case docket, and they will investigate the crime (you will also be reminded that the investigation of crime is a time-consuming process)
  • The case will be registered on the SAPS Crime Administration System (CAS) at the police station
  • A CAS number will be sent via SMS that will serve as your reference number for future enquiries regarding the criminal case.
  • The case docket is allocated to a police detective who’ll carry out the investigation.
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Witness protection

If you are a witness to a serious crime committed, and fear for your safety, you can apply for witness protection.

You can also report a crime anonymously by calling 08600 10111 or call 10111 for crime emergencies. This service is available 24 hours a day.

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