SOSS is a tangible, community response
to incidences such as gender-based violence,
domestic violence, LGBTQI+ crimes, street crime,
rape, hate crime, bullying, kidnapping or car hijackings.

Building safer communities in South Africa.

Get the help you need in as little as 90 seconds*

South Africa’s and the world’s first crowd-sourced personal safety platform that is supported on all smart devices.
It allows for victims to call for help from their smart devices and have their emergency attended to in a quick and effective manner.

South Africa is widely considered as one of the global epicentres of gender-based violence in the world, which is one of the reasons that the tech-based solution SOSS was developed to help realise greater community cooperation for safely.

"40% of South African women have experienced sexual and physical intimate partner violence in their lifetime."

Safer Spaces, a non-profit organisation

gender-based violence abuse soss app

A healthy society is created by
protecting our most vulnerable.

gender-based violence abuse soss app
gender-based violence abuse soss app
SOSS is an emergency response platform that allows the users of the app to respond to, de-escalate, and comfort. Armed response companies are alerted by the app in case of an emergency.
gender-based violence abuse soss app
SOSS aims to curb the rise of gender-based violence cases, attempted rapes, hate crimes, bullying, attempted kidnappings or hijacks, by giving victims and those at risk a tool to ask for help.



It's time to unite together as a community.

Let's stand together against violence!

"56% of all women murdered in 2009 were killed by an intimate male partner."

Safer Spaces, a non-profit organisation

Become part of our community response to gender-based violence.

Your information is secure

SOSS takes information security very seriously, when a user sends a silent alarm, the local network of protectors only see the users preferred name, profile photo and age along with geolocation only for as long as the user wants to be tracked/assisted while being in danger. Your location is known only when needing assistance, NOT before, NOT after, unless the user authorises it.

“New platform, a new piece of technology that seeks to intervene in a gender-based violence incident. We thought perhaps this could be one of the things we need to de-escalate and hopefully save lives”

Azania Mosaka, The Azania Mosaka Show, 702

“... this (SOSS) is going to be part of the revolution towards overcoming so many of the issues especially with gender-based violence. This is another way of gathering evidence making it encrypted, private and once subpoenaed you are able to use it.”

Pabi Moloi, Power Weekend Breakfast, PowerFM

soss app logo
“This an app that definitely needs awareness. A lot of people need to know about this app because the solutions start with small ideas like this that have a massive impact.”

DJ Sabby, Yfm

“The idea of SOSS is born out of our sincere belief that people are inherently good and that we can always rely on ubuntu in fighting societal ills.”

Thabo Nonkenge, co-founder